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"Oakdale School’s vision of success is to provide each student the opportunity to excel, to provide each educator the tools necessary to enable excellence, and to partner with our community to develop responsible citizens who have the ability to positively impact their world now and in the future."


Upcoming Events: 


Aug. 5th....M.S. athletics physical day

Aug. 18th....student information day

Aug. 20th....first day of school

Aug. 21st....PTC school picnic

Aug. 26th....parent information night


Bad Water Sample 
E coli bacteria found in water
Your school monitors the water supply every three months for quality.  The wells are kept chlorinated and up to code. For some reason, as of yet unknown, the sample taken this week came back with e coli bacteria present to some degree.  The DEQ is on top of the situation with us and we have done and will continue to do everything they require.  This is a first - this will be a last - for us but they deal with it all the time and we shall follow their direction to the letter.  Edmond uses water wells as part of their drinking supply.  Oakdale uses wells as their water supply.  There seems to be very little if any difference between the two in the eyes of the authorities, the problem will be taken care of.  All the required notices are posted on school doors and the bottom line is that we are under a boil requirement.  We have turned off ALL the water to the school at this point, not just sinks and fountains.  We know that community members are using the building but for the next few days this is how we will operate.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  An onsite meeting has already been set with a DEQ engineer.  After that we will proceed as quickly but as thoroughly as possible.  We are fortunate that the timing is during a time when no students are present and very little water is being used, that may be a contributing factor.  Regardless of the timing, we appreciate your patience and confidence.  We will update you as we progress through the process.