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School Supply Lists - 2018/2019

Posted Date: 05/15/2018

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The Oakdale veteran families know all about this great luxury, and I want to
share the information with all of our new families as well. Each year at the
end of school, our PTC works with our teachers to offer you the option to
purchase your school supplies now for the next school year. This is an
online only sale where you will follow the provided link and instructions to order your student's supplies for the 2018-2019 school year. They will be in the correct classroom for you in the fall when school begins. It is not at all required but just simply offered as a convenience to our families. Many enjoy supply shopping or believe they can find better bargains etc so please know that is just fine. But if ordering with a few clicks and putting that out of your mind this summer appeals to you, please follow the information below.


To view the lists or to take advantage of this sale: 

  • Please click here.  
  • Enter School ID: OAK090 (zero, nine, zero). 
  • There are two critical steps at this point if you plan on ordering supplies. Please Read!
    • 1) BE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT GRADE FOR NEXT YEAR FOR YOUR CHILDREN.  Please take your time and double check that you entered next year's grade, not this year's grade. :) 
    • 2) YOU MUST GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL AS PROOF THAT THE ORDER WASSUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED! It sometimes has a delay but if the order was successfully completed you will always get an email stating so within a couple of hours. Be careful that you enter the correct email and print out the confirmation as your receipt so if there are any issues in the Fall, you will have that proof of purchase just like any other online shopping you do. Each year I have people head to school on day 1 believing their children have supplies there but they don't. Sometimes we THINK we ordered but actually forgot, and other times we don't fully complete the ordering process. This confirmation email or credit card statement showing the purchase is critical and the only way I can help you in the fall if something goes wrong. 



Review the informational flyer below with important details and if you have any questions.

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